Will you manage my account or send me signals?

No, we’re not account managers or signal providers. Our professional traders let our members to copy their account’s trades. We just give you the option to copy their trades with LAMM investment system.

How and when can I withdraw from my account?

You can withdraw anytime, but don’t forget to set the LAMM investment again if you want to change your account’s balance.

How much can I withdraw from my account?

We suggest to withdraw only 20-30% of the monthly profit. With this strategy, your account’s value will grow faster.

This is our suggestion, but don’t forget that this is your account. You can withdraw any amount you want and what your account’s equity let.

How can I quit from this program?

Just delete connection between our account.

Is it possible that I will loose my money?

The chance to loose your money, is near 0%. The chance that you will have negative weeks is lot higher, but if you let the system work, the losses will be recovered.

Investing is your choice. You can see how much profit generated on the accounts and if you want to join one of them, register. They will trade with the same strategy, so they will probably generate the same profit every month.