All time statistics of SafestForex accounts

We have 3 accounts that you anyone can follow, but everyone have to understand that the statistics is for only to show that these strategies are profitable. You will not see how profitable is any of these strategies until the account’s will be min. 1 year old.

Here are the statistics of the accounts:



The plan is that we’ll share daily, weekly and monthly statistics again. This will show that these strategies are generating profit, but you have to understand that the profitability is changing from week to week.

The setup of your investing account is very important! 

Open your account with 1:500 and never use to high multiplication ratio and never connect more account to yours. Don’t forget that with a bad setup, you can loose all your money while the LAMM account is still profitable.

Come back weekly to check the statistics, or just place your first investment. If you afraid of LAMM investing, you can choose other options. CLICK HERE!



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