Forex Trading is risky! Mostly for those, who don’t know how to trade. Forex Trading is about technical, fundamental analysis and risk management.

This project helps to those people, who want to earn with Forex Trading, but don’t want to loose their money during the learning process.

Forex Trading is not that risky, if your account is connected to our successful trading accounts. You can easily copy our trades with an automated LAMM investment service. All trades will appear on your account immediately, so you will earn with the same trades, than the account you choose to follow.

We have three options to you.



The market analyst use a combination of technical and fundamental analysis. He is using a powerful strategy to analyse the charts, with some useful indicators, candlestick patterns, etc. But he do not finish his job here. Maybe he saw an option to trade during the technical analysis, but this is not enough. He will decide about the trade only after he read and analyzed the financial news, fresh economy numbers, the main political issues and speeches. With this combination, he can guarantee that his trading strategy will generate profit month by month.

Min. investment: $10



The genius trader has a strategy based on technical analysis and on a powerful plan to handle the bad trade’s movements. This is all about math and programming. Some of the best indicators and oscillators help him to find the right trades/directions.  Than the risk manager strategy controls the trade and helps him to close all trades with a positive sum.

Min. investment: $20


So, how can you earn money with these options?


Step 1: Choose a type of trading to follow. THE ANALYST, THE GENIUS or THE ROBOT.

Step 2: Register to the Forex broker

Step 3: Verify and fund your account

Step 4: Set your LAMM investment*


Do you want to start earning money with Forex Trading with the lowest risk? Join now!


*Your capital is at risk. You accept, that you chose to copy one of these accounts. We are not responsible for your losses. Never invest money that you can’t afford to lose.